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Ultimate Guide To The Virtual Reality World

Virtual Reality: The conversation about virtual reality is so heavily influenced by Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and HTC.

But there are also many small guys! Check out our collection of cutting-edge VR hardware and software produced by lesser-known businesses and start-ups.

Virtual Reality Hardware:

  1. ControlVR is a hand motions-based replacement keyboard.
  2. With Cyberith, a VR controller, you can move about, crouch, jump, and sprint.
  3. The eye-tracking VR headgear that Fove has been working on since 2015
  4. A VR motion controller called Leap Motion
  5. Nod Labs is a VR controller and tracking system.
  6. Developing hand-tracking technology called Pebbles Interfaces
  7. A headset that competes with Vive and Oculus is Samsung’s Gear VR.
  8. A wireless, motion-tracking controller called Sixense was funded by a Kickstarter project.
  9. Using the PS4 VR Platform, Sony’s Project Morpheus is a VR device.
  10. A new headset with a very wide field of view is called StarVR.
  11. Sulon Technologies has developed a gadget that combines VR and AR.
  12. Reactive Grip Motion Controller, a very sensitive VR controller from Tactical Haptics
  13. A VR-compatible controller called Valve Controllers (for use with HTC Vive)
  14. The VR-compatible treadmill Virtuix Omni (for use with Oculus)
  15. A gizmo called virZOOM transforms a stationary bike into a VR controller.
  16. A whole-room VR system called Visbox is intended to serve as such.

Virtual Reality Software: 

  1. AltspaceVR is a network that enables users to share online virtual reality experiences like performances, concerts, and movies.
  2. Using VR games for rehabilitation and pain management, Deepstream VR
  3. Discover, a virtual reality (VR) experience for historical research
  4. Drashvr, a startup that creates VR learning applications
  5. A platform for user-generated VR content, EmergentVR
  6. Felix & Paul Studios, a company creating VR content for the entertainment industry
  7. NVIDIA VR development platform GameWorks VR
  8. IrisVR, a business that develops VR solutions for 3D modeling
  9. A professional camera system called Jaunt VR is used to record VR experiences.
  10. Kolor is a program that turns 2D photos and videos into 3D words.
  11. A network called Littlstar collects content for virtual reality
  12. VR production geared toward live sports footage and livelike VR
  13. Utilizing Matterport, a VR program, users can recreate actual environments.
  14. A business called MindMaze is creating VR stroke healing experiences.
  15. NextVR records and provides on-demand live virtual reality content (concerts, movies, sports).
  16. An open-source VR software platform is called OSVR.
  17. a 3D environment creation, rendering, and streaming pipeline called Otoy.
  18. An app called Panorics uses items and immersive 360-degree video technology.
  19. Psious, a VR experience that treats anxiety disorders via virtual surroundings
  20. SDK Lab, a business that develops VR training materials (mining, drilling, etc.)
  21. a VR flight simulation called spaceVR
  22. The VR Company, a company that creates VR content
  23. a VR development platform with a lot of support called Unity
  24. VR functionality is available on the game creation platform Unreal Engine.
  25. Using video stitching tools like VideoStitch, you can make live VR content.
  26. A technology and content development studio called Visionary VR
  27. A game called Vivid Vision was made to treat strabismus and amblyopia (lazy eye) (crossed eye)
  28. A YouTube-like VR experience network called Vrideo
  29. A firm called VRse creates VR content for the film industry.
  30. Wear VR, a platform for VR content and an app store
  31. Educative virtual reality art experience Woofbert
  32. Vizard, a VR toolkit from WorldViz
  33. A VR experience for STEM teaching called Zspace

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And that’s just the beginning! VR technology has only recently developed. Who knows what the future will bring as gadgets get smaller and screen resolution improves?

Perhaps in the future, VR will even fill demands that we can’t even imagine now. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should since it’s just going to get more and more popular over time.

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